Saturday, December 20, 2008

'Tis the season to be surly

One last gift to take to the post office this afternoon, and I passed a crazy old lady dragging a wheeled cart of poorly wrapped packages. Since she didn't seem the slightest bit infirm, I just hurried past. Not fast enough to be out of earshot when she berated someone for being a stupid idiot after he failed to yield to her cart.

I was deeply entrenched in the line for the APC by the time she barged in and inserted herself in the queue for the front counter. She yelled at someone she thought was jumping the line, then when he failed to respond to her, she loudly accused him of treating her like a potted plant.

All the while taking swigs from a sports bottle of something that I'm guessing was not water.

Merry Christmas, NYC-style.

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