Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wide open spaces

I've been thinking a lot about the relationships between certain concepts lately. In my therapy session today we talked about the connection between motivation and commitment (more on that some other day). Right now I'm thinking about the difference between venting and breathing.

Because the last two posts have been venting, not breathing. And as good as it feels to vent, what the body demands is breath.

Breathing shows you where the open spaces in your body are, the spaces you can fill and empty, fill and empty, fill and empty. (Geez, I miss yoga.) In the past few weeks I've been finding those places in the apartment and the difference is palpable. Full shelves became empty shelves became no shelves. The wide open corner is so luxurious.

By getting rid of some boxes of junk, I've been able to find some open spaces in myself too. Space to be more forgiving, to myself and others. Space to let the past drift away and be forgotten. Space to get my arms around a memory that got lost somewhere in all the clutter. Hmmm.

So check out my horoscope today:

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