Friday, June 05, 2009

Sardine experiment


A few weeks ago, I tried out tinned sardines on an open-faced sandwich for lunch. Success! I've read several articles encouraging the consumption of sardines and other small fish because they provide essential fatty acids while containing less mercury and being more ecologically sustainable than other fish species. I can totally imagine eating a sardine sandwich once or twice a week. Mine was on sunflower-flax bread from the farmer's market with dill-lemon-caper mayo.

Sadly, I cannot report such success on the tinned smoked oyster front. I tried, but the gummy texture and sweet, smokey smell made me gag. Sadness! I will not be going there again.

I still have a tin of kippers in the pantry, but as they are smoked as well, I am a little leery...


oneredboot said...

I attempted sardines last summer after reading all that stuff too. I thought they were too strong! Funny though, I love tinned oysters. :)

Martha Jane said...

Sounds delish. I love all the canned seafood. The herring are not like the oysters, I think you will like the herring if you liked the sardines.

One of my favorite things is tonnato-stuffed eggs [] which include anchovies and capers (Mark Bittman says capers are the anchovies of the veg world) but also tuna. But hey, who's going to devil eggs twice a week? A little tuna's okay right?