Friday, May 08, 2009

The return of the wowtfit

I know you've been waiting with bated breath for another
wowtfit. This one sort of puts that September ensemble to shame.


Here's what you can't tell from the picture.

1) The two women, are sisters, possibly twins: same face, same figure, the one on the right a little taller. The woman on the left is actually quite fashionably dressed; I'll even excuse the earthy flat slides on account of her being quite tall. Righty, on the other hand, I'm cutting no slack at all. That outfit is criminal.
2) The top of the wowtfit is cropped. It barely covered her bosom. Her "pants", however, almost covered her bosom.
3) The charming "knicker" effect is produced by safety pins at the back of the knees.
4) Hiking boots.

I can only hope (and this might actually be the case) that these two will show up on a "Twinkies" episode of What Not to Wear. Ohgodplease.

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Martha Jane said...

I like how #4 is simply, hiking boots. Poignant.

Hey, I have a friend (my bro's long-time live-in squeeze) who's starting a 365 (photo a day) project. She's a photojurnalist, and for this project she's using a small point and shoot. On flickr she is FrivolousRaspberry. Check her out.